by benl

This is my first post from Ubuntu land! I'm currently running the Ubuntu Dapper Drake beta 6.06 Desktop CD inside VMWare Player. The beta is due for release around June time this year.

Have to say i'm very impressed by the whole LiveCD experience. Especially for evaluation purposes and when combined with the excellent (and free!) VMWare Player. I'll definitely install the full release OS on a spare partition when the time comes.

 Ubuntu Screenshot

Copy the content below and save as a VMX file alongside the LiveCD ISO to run in VMWare Player.

config.version = "8"
virtualHW.version = "4"
scsi0.present = "TRUE"
memsize = "512"
ide1:0.present = "TRUE"
ide1:0.fileName = "ubuntu-6.06-beta2-live-i386.iso"
ide1:0.deviceType = "cdrom-image"
floppy0.present = "FALSE"
ethernet0.present = "TRUE"
usb.present = "TRUE"
sound.present = "TRUE"
sound.virtualDev = "es1371"
displayName = "LiveCD"
guestOS = "ubuntu"
nvram = "ubuntu.nvram"

workingDir = "."