GParted Partition Manager

by benl

So, given that Ubuntu 6.06 has been out and about for a little while now – and that I like it muchly – I decided to install it on my main machine and dual boot with Windows XP. The only issue being that the existing hard disk was unpartitioned and I wasn't willing to shell out for PartitionMagic or another product of that ilk.

After having a little browse around I found the most excellent GParted LiveCD. This is a LiveCD version of the GParted partition management application weighing in at a measly 30mb download and is of course completely free. Creating partitions over existing disks has a fairly high PPS (potential pant staining) factor, one false move and you can pretty much hose the whole box… Thankfully my pants (and I) survived the incident and Ubuntu 6.06 is happily occupying a new partition on my main box at home.

I'm thinking about hosing the Windows partition soon and reclaiming the space for the Ubuntu partition. Especially now I've got VMWare Player up and running in Ubuntu…