Day 2: Interesting

by benl

So I’ve been at Microsoft now for two days with a few of their guys at the MTC working on the proof-of-concept I’d previously mentioned. I’m not sure how much I can talk about the actual purpose of the application right now, however, it’s being designed as a kiosk type app using WPF and the rest of the .NET 3.0/WinFX stack.

The whole engagement with Microsoft has been an excellent experience so far. The proof-of-concept development is precluded by an ADS session where stakeholders, developers or pretty much anyone else representing your business with an interest in the output of the POC gets the opportunity table their vision for the application. During the three day ADS we pretty much covered all the nice-to-haves and proof points for the application and defined a pretty clear scope for development.

Following the ADS, two UX consultants from the MTC spent three days at BBC Worldwide with representatives of our significant business areas and myself covering off the actual UI design and scenarios to take through the application. Between us we thought up some really compelling concepts for the UI and a set of clear deliverables by way of actual screens and controls which would need to be developed to facilitate our requirements.

Bringing you back up to date — we’ve split a good portion of whats required between us and are all badgering away at the individual controls. I’m hugely impressed with WPF so far, it has a fairly small learning curve and most things kind-of work as you’d expect them to which I consider a sign of good API design.

I think WPF will ultimately live or die by the tool support and thankfully the Expression packages are looking very promising. It seems as though we will finally knock down that notional wall between development & design.

Anyway I’ve had a long day 😉 I’ll report back tomorrow evening with the days events!