Day 3: Control Templates, Styles & Databinding

by benl

So day 3 is over. I’ve spent most of the day creating a custom WPF control to display and let the user chose a selection of events they wish to attend. Throughout the day i’ve been looking at several WPF concepts: control templates, styles, data-binding and triggers. It amazes me how powerful and flexible these concepts are.

Work is split among the other developers, both BBC Worldwide (of which there is one: Darren) and the other three to five Microsoft guys depending on who is there at the time. Everyone seems to be making great progress so far and some of the more complex controls are really coming together (thanks to the Microsoft guys!). Added to this our designer (BBCWW web designer) is producing some really fantastic looking mock-ups for the visual styles.

I spent some of the day trying to draw up some specs for adequate PC’s and monitors to be used in the kiosks. We’re sourcing our hardware from one of Microsoft’s chosen hardware partners Hewlett Packard. I have been looking at small form factor base units, needed to fit in the cabs designed for the kiosks. The machines obviously need some horse power in the graphics department and we’ve specified a preference for DX9 compliant cards with 256MB memory.

The kiosks will initially run Windows XP SP2, it is envisaged that at some point in the future the app will run on Vista units, however, in the app’s current guise the user has no desktop interaction so the benefits of this will only run to deployment of hardware and increased control of machine lockdown via group policy (which has been increased in Vista so i’m told).

I can’t wait for some of the stuff we’ve been doing to come together…