Clouding my Outlook

by benl

Dell laptop + Outlook 2003 = 100% CPU?

Sound familiar? I’ve just literally spent the last two hours tearing my hair out (or what hair I had) trying to diagnose a strange issue with Outlook on a Dell laptop, which i’m rebuilding for a friend at the mo. I had to import his old PST database as he of course needed all his old contacts, appointments, emails and such-like… After restarting Outlook (which I might add possesses the most unresponsive and single-threaded UI ever made, perhaps) the application just hangs with Outlook.exe snatching around 50% CPU and Explorer.exe a similar amount of ill-gotten CPU.

Googling around didn’t come up with anything matching the symptoms I was seeing and after re-installing Office, re-importing the PST at least a million times (maybe a little less, hey, who’s counting) and head-butting the wall a few times, I stumbled upon the conspicuously named OutlookAddInSetup in the control panel Add/Remove Programs applet. A ha! Research shows this is another of those needless pieces of crud that Dell insist on installing with the hordes of other bloat that comes on a Dell install of Windows these days.

Anyway to cut a long story short, removing this needless add-in solves the problem… Thankfully! Hopefully this post will save someone else sometime one day πŸ™‚

Edit: Turns out this is a recognised problem… Easy to Google for once you know what caused it πŸ™‚