BackgroundMotion sample application

by benl

I found BackgroundMotion via Andrew Peter’s blog – created in partnership with Microsoft as a “best practice” example application. I’ve had a look at the source code and at first glance it’s quite a nicely architected solution… Certainly better than some of the starter kits coming out of Microsoft (anyone remember Petshop!?). Anyway it features all of the following:

  • Use of a domain-driven design techniques. Repository and Unit of Work abstractions over LINQ to SQL
  • Model-level validation using the Validation Block
  • Dependency injection using Composite Web Block
  • Using Lucene.NET to index a domain model
  • Using MVP with declarative data-binding in the presentation layer

Nice to see Lucene.NET being employed. As is NUnit. I’ll have a closer look when I get a chance. Expect some comments shortly.