Cloud based backups

by benl

I was looking around for a (preferably free) cloud based backup service for backing up my projects on the work laptop and found Mozy a free online service. Mozy provides you with 2GB of free space and all data transfer is fully encrypted by 128 bit SSL. The data itself is encrypted on your machine before upload with 448 bit Blowfish encryption via a Mozy supplied key or your own if you prefer.

Further price plans are available depending on how much data you backup and how many restores you need to perform, hopefully none of course 🙂 After your initial backup, further backups are incremental so the space is used wisely.

I’ve been using it for around 2 weeks now without any issues. It was quick and easy to setup after downloading and installing the provided tool. The encryption and uploading process is pretty snappy on my machine and connection, I’ve got it running daily at the moment at the end of the working day and its proving to be one of those configure-and-forget kinda tools.

Take a look.