Touch some issues

by benl

A couple of things bothering me with the new iPod so far: the music scrubber and wifi.

The music scrubber (you know, the thing you drag left or right to change position in a track) is so small you can’t accurately move it. Quite a drag (pardon the pun) for me as I like to listen to long DJ sets and skip through bits. With the scrubber the way it is now it’s almost impossible for me even with my tiny girly fingers.

The second issue is the wifi. OK I didn’t buy it specifically for this but the wifi isn’t exactly robust. I’ve been messing around with Safari over the wifi connection and its probably flaking out at least every 2-3 minutes. This is while my laptop is maintaining a rock-solid 100% connection to the same router so I know its not an issue there.

Anyway, these are all things which can be fixed via software updates so i’m not too bothered. Its still a fantastic device.