Rolling with the 2008’s

by benl

I’ve finally got round to installing the RTM edition of VS2008. Apart from taking the best part of 5 hours, including removing the beta version I had installed (and had been using for the last few months solid), everything has gone pretty much without incident.

I say “pretty much without incident” as I did have one pant-wetting moment when the installer rolled back due to some nondescript assembly failing to install correctly. However, the time honoured fix: i.e. reboot seemed to have done the trick.

The project I’m working on at the mo has already been upgraded to the new VS2008 format way-back when I had installed the beta so no troubles there either.

ReSharper and VisualSVN are all fine and dandy. My settings have also crossed the chasm, so all-in-all not a bad install experience pour moi.

Speaking of ReSharper, we need a new edition taking care of the 3.5 language features post haste!