by benl

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days you will have noticed that the first CTP of the ASP.NET 3.5 extensions has now shipped. ScottGu has the lowdown as usual.

Given the extensibility of the framework, its not surprise that several interesting modifications/add-ins are cropping up. Hammett has dropped a pile of samples:

MvcExtensions: a class library project with all extensions developed including parameter binder support, Windsor integration and a NVelocity View Engine. I remember complaining about relying exclusively on inheritance to change behavior/add specializations. Looks like I’m not alone on this… To some things, a vertical approach is good enough, but not usually to frameworks. The inheritance scheme eventually will turn into hell in a complex project. I know as I been there.

RestSupport: Uri formats and a nice Respond To syntax inspired on the work from Chris Ortman/MonoRail.RestSupport.

UsingAR: self explanatory

UsingNVelocity: ditto.

Take a look at his blog post for more details and to download the samples here.

However the most traction award has to go to the open source MvcContrib project on Codeplex which will serve as a repository for all things MVC. MvcContrib has already taken contributions in the form of controller factories for the main container frameworks out there: Windsor, and and a Monorail style binder to aid conversion of a NameValueCollection (i.e. form or querystring) to an object graph.

I’ve been toying with MVC for a few hours in between real work and the one benefit which initially strikes me is nicer integration using the webform view engine. Full intellisense and type safety in the views is something sorely missing from Monorail (given that I use the NVelocity view engine there, not sure about the other view engines and what they provide).

A side-effect of using the MVC framework is that I’m finally getting to use all the cool 3.5 language features too.