Apple iPhone

by benl

I was lucky enough to receive an iPhone for Christmas and have been using it pretty solidly now for the last few days. You’ve no doubt read the huge reviews of the device a million times by now so I won’t go on about it, except perhaps  to say  it must be the single coolest device I’ve ever owned and used.

There a couple of things the iPhone is lacking of course, again these have been well publicised but the ones affecting me the most are the SMS functionality, more specifically the inability to address an SMS message to more than one recipient at once. The camera isn’t superb, being only 2MP and lacking a flash. I have a digital camera for taking proper pictures so again this doesn’t irk me too much. A native application for uploading pics to Flickr would have been a nice addition. I’m sure this will surface shortly after the iPhone SDK drops.

EDGE coverage is great in the Reading area, as is London of course. I tend to stick to the iPhone optimised sites and email on the move so the lack of bandwidth doesn’t affect me so much. As part of the o2 contract I can hop on to the Cloud’s wifi hotspots at most train stations, pubs etc as well which is nice when EDGE doesn’t cut it.

I’ve so far resisted the urge to jailbreak the phone to install the 3rd party native applications as I did with my iPod Touch which incidentally has been deprecated by the iPhone šŸ™‚ Time will tell however if I can stick to the Apple endorsed software.