MacWorld 09 Keynote 5PM (gmt)

by benl

OK so only a couple hours until the MacWorld 09 keynote kicks off. I’ll be following it at and on twitter via macrumors.

I’m hoping to see a new mac-mini which will supplant the Apple TV I have sitting in my front room. Other notable rumours:

  • MacBook Pro 17″ refresh. Should be moving to unibody design, possibly announcements of quad-core.
  • Some kind of merger between Apple TV software and the new mac-mini. Hoping for this one.
  • LED Cinema Displays replacing the existing cinema displays.
  • Larger form-factor iPod Touch like device. Would be ultra-cool but unlikely in my opinion.
  • Refreshes across the MacPro and iMac lines. Potentially quad-core in the iMacs.
  • Mini DisplayPort added across the board.

Excited yet?