Windows 7 on the new Aluminium MacBook via Boot Camp

by benl

I’ve spent a lazy Sunday afternoon installing the latest Windows 7 beta on my MacBook via BootCamp and everything has gone swimmingly.

To install I had to:

  1. Burn the ISO. I chose the 32 bit edition.
  2. Run the boot camp assistant on OSX to partition the drive. I created a 45GB partition for my initial experiments.
  3. Reboot the machine with the installation DVD in place.

Pretty simple. After the installation had done it’s thing, Windows started up in a pretty skanky looking desktop. This was cured pretty easily by running the boot camp setup from the OSX installation DVD. This installs the necessary drivers for the iSight, system devices, track pad and your other Mac hardware. A quick reboot and I was back in business and sporting transparent windows and a screen resolution greater than a pocket calculator.

I couldn’t get the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse to pair up over bluetooth but I’m certain a fix for this isn’t too far away.

One small hiccup I did solve was with connecting the 24” LED cinema display. After extending my desktop onto the display I noticed the brightness of the external display was very low compared to the MacBook’s display. This was solved by running the boot camp control panel and altering the brightness from there.

Windows 7 absolutely screams on this machine in boot camp as I expected. I’m still installing Vs2008 and the rest of the .net tools so I’ll report back once I get going.