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Cucumber, webrat and mechanize

There have been a few questions over on the webrat lists with regard to setting up a working environment for testing externally hosted web applications. This is actually a lot easier than perhaps what might be expected. I put together a quick sample over on github:


With one caveat that this only works for static content as javascript will not be interpreted by mechanize. I will put a selenium based sample up shortly to counter this.

Windows Server 2008: Live writer and messenger installers

At last! With the latest RC of the Windows Live tools you can now successfully install them on the Server edition OS’s. Go and grab them here.

Windows Live Writer Beta 2

Windows Live Writer Beta 2 has been released. Until now I’ve been creating and editing posts using the default admin screens WordPress provide rather than any form of API consuming tool such as Live Writer.

After fiddling around a bit (you might have had a couple of dodgy posts appear/disappear if you’re a keen reader!) and installing a couple of plug-ins I have to say I’m rather impressed. I plan to give it a thorough work out with my next few posts. I especially like the fact I can create posts offline.


As an aside: I’ve just noticed a new Messenger (8.5) beta has been released, I’m just installing that now…

OO Design principles reference

Take a look at this handy reference collection of OOD whitepapers hosted over at ObjectMentor.

Getting Real

If you’re in the web business – which seeing as though you’re reading this blog you probably are – take a look at Getting Real:

Getting Real is the business, design, programming, and marketing philosophies of 37signals — a developer of web-based software used by over 1 million people and businesses in 70 countries.

Brought to you by the people who created Rails, Basecamp, Campfire et al… This stuff really hits home with me. I’ve experienced some of the pains of all-too-dissimilar methods.

Have a read…

Nintendo Wii

nintendo superfan

Now don’t get me wrong, I want a Wii (hmm, sounds a bit dodgy)… But perhaps not as much as this guy. 🙂

Compiz themes

If you’ve installed XGL/Compiz its probably worth trying out a few of the Compiz themes. I’ve installed this one:

Compiz Theme

From the Gnome-Look website. The dock at the bottom is the superb Akamaru dock. Give them a go.

Share your OPML

Ok so since everyone else seems to be sharing their OPMLhere's mine!

Subscriptions like mine:

 Subscriptions like Mine


Welcome to my blog's new home. Rather nice isn't it? Anyway, I plan to blog from here from now on (hopefully more frequently than the last place). Ta ta for now.