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Category: Silverlight

Catching the DLR

DLR announcements abound… Wow, the DLR or Dynamic Language Runtime, is causing quite a buzz across the tech-blogs and with good reason! Expect lots of Ruby goodness to come.

Nice to see that this is an open-source initiative, being licensed under the Microsoft Permissive License. What is it with the big vendors and their individual open-source licenses? If you don’t have your own open-source license you’re officially a nobody nowadays it seems 🙂

Silverlight… Cross-platform?.

Wow! Looks like I missed this somehow… Silverlight, although being touted as “cross-platform” won’t ship with Linux compatible plug-ins. Wise move Microsoft.

I can’t see the YouTube’s (especially given how Google isn’t historically one of the great adopters of MS technology) of this world adopting  your  “cross-platform”  technology? I thought Microsoft were starting to move away from these lock-in encouraging business tactics…

At least drop the “cross-platform” misnomer!